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Casting Machine

Casting Machine for Aluminum Alloy Plant

Casting system consists of casting platform, automatic casting system and aluminum casting machine. It is applicable in aluminum alloy plant to manufacture aluminum rod and billet.


Casting platform crystallizes the molten aluminum into billet. It is made up of Q235 steel and non-adhesive aluminum castable. Our company provides round aluminum rods with a casting diameter ranging from 65mm to 680mm. The square aluminum rods and hollow aluminum rods can be customized based on customer requirements.

Automatic casting system


Auxiliary equipment for casting machine which is used to regulate flow rate of cooling water automatically. It consists of flow meters, electric valve and steel pipe. Flow meters and electric valve control the speed and rate of water flow and hence allowing precise control of the flow rate. The flow rate can be chosen between the range 0-600m3/h. We are able to customize the automatic casting system if flow rate greater than 600m3/h is requested by our customer.

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