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Billet Heating Furnace

Single Billet Heating Furnace With Hot Shear or Hot Saw

Heat up the billets rapidly with continues gas firing,and combine the heating and shearing process.It’s the ideal choice for modern aluminium extrusion plant.



l High automation,easy operation.

l High precision temperature control,and high reliability.Rapid heating,low energy consumption.

l Gauge length adjustable,clean and flexible shear,little or none deformation.

l Easy to switch between billets with various alloy number,high efficiency.

l Can stop and start frequently,convenient for production adjustment.

l Make use of exhaust heat to preheat the billet, greatly increase the energy efficiency and save the production cost.

Multi-billet Heating Furnace With Hot Shear


l Heat and shear aluminium billet 

l Fuel:NG,LNG,diesel,water gas,wood pellets...etc.



l The medium temperature mixed furnace gas is heated by high-speed circulation convection heating method,and the temperature in the furnace is uniform.

l The length of the fixed length is adjustable,the cutting is flexible,the slit is flat,with little deformation.

l Simple operation,reduced labor intensity and labor saving.

l The energy-saving type uses the industrial burner proportional control combustion system,and the heat exchanger is added to carry out waste heat recovery,and the energy consumption can be reduced by about 20% compared with the ordinary hot shear furnace.


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