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Aluminum Extrusion Machine

Condition: new

Place of origin: China

Brand name: Giansun

Machine type: Extrusion machine

Core components: PLC, front platen, back platen, main cylinder, container, hydraulic pump, motors, pre-stressed frame...

Warranty: 12 months since installation

Applicable industries: manufacturing plant

Model number : GA-1000T

Product details

1. Brief Introduction

1.1 the model of Press

GA-1000T aluminium extrusion press

1.2 the purpose and product range

purpose : to extrude aluminium and aluminium alloy product

product : rod, tubes and other section profile etc.

1.3 technical characteristic

container size(round) : Φ132㎜

billet length : 250mm-550mm

billet diameter(round) : φ127mm(5Inch)

container length : 600mm

1.4 the transfer control system and operation model

this equipment is driven by hydraulic system and electrical system to achieve all action steps

PLC and touch screen is available

The operation model is fully automatic, automatic in one cycle and manual

2. Structure description

2.1 main machinery construction

It is composed of Machine components, hydraulic system and electrical control system.

2.2 Machine Components

Aluminium extrusion press is  horizontal hydraulic press, single action, long stroke ,back  loading ,with four prestress tie-rods; Frame base is welding-joint parts, Front platen, back platen, container supporter and piston supporter is made of 35# casted steel, main cylinder is made of 35# forged steel. Motors are placed on the below of the oil tank.

2.2.1 front platen thickness:600mm ;feeding exit on front platen:Φ150㎜.×180㎜ ,and the back platen thickness :600㎜.Add a monitor in the front platen.

2.2.2 Loading system is single manipulator; they will deliver billets from bottom of base to extrusion center.

2.2.3 unfixed dummy block for stem.

2.2.4 container is a type of “X” to make sure accuracy .heating way is by heating pipes.

2.3 hydraulic control system

2.3.1 main hydraulic oil route adopted logic integration control, assistant action and pilot adopted three /four direction valves control.

2.3.2 there are pressure protection function ,as soon as the pressure exceed the rated pressure, the equipment will stop extruding and alarm ,meanwhile it will display on the touch screen.

2.3.3 there is unique locking system to make sure the locking of container and the die slide.

2.3.4 there are hydraulic oil cooling and filtering system .cooler is a kind of board stainless steel structure.

2.3.5 main pumps are REXROTH.

2.3.6 lubrication system : automatic lubrication controlled by PLC

2.3.7 oil pipe and flange

the oil pipe is 20# high-level seamless pipe, the flange is double seals

proper and qualified welding for all pipes

the distance between pipe clamp is short so that it can prevent from vibrating

the connection between pipe outlet is high-pressure soft pipes, it has advantage of less vibration and easy-installation.

the pipes will cover the steps of welding, silic clean ,install  etc

the prefil valve adopt hydraulic cylinder to control the action.

3. electrical control system

3.1 PLC is S7 series product from Siemens Germany

3.2 Human interface  

extrusion speed setup and display

working pressure display

the hydraulic system condition display

extrusion time and cycle display

fault display and alarm

the product quantity display

display the temperature of the container in the screen.

3.3 while normal working ,the temperature of oil tank should keep on 30℃-45℃. It is

forbidden to exceed  50℃.

3.4 the operation way is complete safety to avoid any mistaken operation.

3.5 the container is heat up by electricity, the temperature can be controlled, and range is 350~500

3.6 the control desk adopt piano type.

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