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Automatic Aluminium Dross Processing System

1、Function description

The aluminum ash and aluminum slag in the smelting furnace are picked out and put into a pot dedicated to the aluminum ash machine. Then use a forklift to send the hot aluminum dross to be processed to the the aluminum dross processing equipment, and start the equipment for high-speed processing. Separate metallic aluminum and hot residual dross with different specific gravity by equipment stirring. Before the stirring starts, the operator decides to directly stir or add a heating agent according to the temperature state of the hot aluminum dross, so that the hot dross is in a burning state for stirring. After the hot aluminum dross is picked out from the melting furnace, the storage time is long, and the temperature of the aluminum dross is lowered below 650 ° C, and a heating agent needs to be added to perform stirring and separation. The separated hot residual ash is automatically transferred and overturned to the super cooler through the transfer and turning device for cooling. After sufficient cooling of the hot residual ash, the temperature is cooled from about 700 ° C to about 60 ° C. After cooling, it passes through the crushing system and then enters the classification and classification device, and is divided into three products, one is less than 2mm particles, and the other is 2mm. ~ 15mm medium particles; one is a lump above 15mm. The lumps enter the ton bag or iron box; the medium particles are transferred to the cold ash input machine for recycling, and the excess is packed into the ton bag. All the generated flue gas is discharged through the filter of the dust collector.



2.1  Dross loading capacity per pot:500kg±50kg

2.2  Aluminium recycle rate:≥90%±5(The content of metallic aluminum in total aluminum dross)

2.3  Dross processing time per cycle:  5±2 min

2.4  Dross cooling time: less than 6 min

2.5  Equipment overall dimension:W×L×H=6.5m×17m×5.6m

2.6  Circulation water volume:≤28m3/h

2.7  Remaining dross temperature:≤60℃

2.8  Cooling efficiency: 85—95%          

2.9  Water inlet temperature:≤32℃(casting circulation water to the connection of seller’s connection point)

Water outlet temperature:≤60℃(backwater return to user’s connection point)

2.10 Equipment total power: ≤150kW



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